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undefinedWVU as an institution is committed to promoting Vision Research at WVU Eye Institute. Recently, 5000 sq. feet of new laboratory space was completed on the third floor of the Eye Institute. This major effort was funded by WVU Hospitals. Three new faculty positions for retinal biologists have been created by WVU School of Medicine. These positions will be part of WVU School of Medicine's Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Center. The WVU Eye Institute has committed funds from private donations for the start up costs of these new investigators. This united effort constitutes a major expansion of the number of Vision Researchers at WVU and of the facilities which they will have available.

Along with this major expansion of basic science research WVU Eye Research Institute remains committed to promoting clinical research and translational research to benefit the people of West Virginia. Within that context it has hired and seeks to continue to hire physician scientists and to promote low vision research.

The specific aims of the Institute's Research program are: