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Admissions Committee MD Degree Program

Purpose: To attract, evaluate, and select the best possible medical student applicants for the MD degree program in keeping with the School of Medicine mission and values. It maintains a preference for West Virginia resident applicants who are qualified by their academic record, aptitude, character, and drive to become successful medical doctors. Qualified non-resident applicants with the same qualities will also be considered for admission. Preference for non-residents includes ties to West Virginia, West Virginia University, and/or a rural community or the appalachian region, as it is believed that they are more likely to contribute to the health care programs of the state in the future.  

Mark Paternostro, PhD, Pharmacology and Physiology,  Chair
Holly Ressetar, PhD, Neurobiology and Anatomy, Vice Chair

Faculty Members:

  • Connors, John, PhD – Physiology & Pharmacology
  • Scott Cottrell, EdD -- Medical Education 
  • Covey, Thomas, MD – Surgery, Professor Emeritus
  • Fink-Hammer, Leah, PhD - Physiology & Pharmacology
  • Fooks, Henry, MD – Urology
  • Funari, Bryan, MD -- Pediatrics
  • Grey, Carl, MD -- MedicineGGGGGGreyGreGreykdasdlkfjasdl;kfjasdlkfjas;lGGreyFuneariFunf 
  • Haggerty, Treah, MD – Family Medicine
  • Hembree, Wanda, MD – Obstetrics/Gynecology
  • Holden, Anthony, MD -- Surgery
  • Hull, Robert, MD -- Internal Medicine 
  • John, Colin, MD, MPH – Pediatrics
  • LaSalla, Paul Rocco, MD -- Pathology
  • MacKay, Karen, MD -- Internal Medicine
  • Marano, Gary, MD -- Radiology
  • Marshalek, Patrick, MD -- Behavioral Medicine & Psychiatry
  • Moorehead, Benjamin, MD -- Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Paulson, Debra, MD -- Emergency Medicine
  • Renn, Joseph, MD – Community Physician
  • Ruda, Michelle, MD -- Pediatrics
  • Stoltzfus, Patricia, MD -- Radiology
  • Weimer, Tracy, MD – Neurology
  • Wilkinson, Ronald, MD -- Otolaryngology
  • Wilson, Collin, MD -- Anesthesiology
  • Ferrari, Norman, MD – Vice Dean for Education and Academic Affairs (ex-officio, voting)
  • Hazard, Hannah, MD -- Assistant Dean for Admissions (ex-officio, non-voting)

Student Members:

  • Arena, Chris
  • Ellison, Sarah
  • Fagan, Jake
  • Hill, Kate
  • Kidd, Kacie
  • Seachrist, Eric

Responsible Staff Member: Lauren Wamsley, MPH
Responsible Assistant Dean: Hannah Hazard, MD