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Admissions Committee MD Degree Program

The WVU SOM is dedicated to educating physicians capable of caring for the diverse medical needs of the people of West Virginia, Appalachia and our surrounding communities.  This goal encompasses not only the individual patients presenting to our institution for care but also to the greater good of the communities from which they come. WVU SOM intends to train future physicians who will be involved not only in direct patient care but also community leaders and be a part of the body of alumni who continue to educate future physicians and the patient populations they serve.  With these goals in mind, the Admissions Committee of the WVU SOM must adopt policies and procedures that enable the selection of candidates for the school of medicine who are capable of meeting this mission of the WVU SOM and the University as a whole. 
The responsibility of the SOM is two-fold:  First is a resolute dedication to the education of the students who matriculate into the WVU SOM and second is to the care of patients WVU SOM alumni are fortunate enough to provide medical assistance and guidance.  Alumni of the WVU SOM are charged with being civic leaders, community pillars and obligated to the continued discovery of knowledge as life-long learners.   As such, future alumni must be trained to be sensitive to the needs of those in their community which may include but is not limited to a broad understanding of how educational background, life experiences, socioeconomic status and cultural identity influence the health and well-being of their patient population. “

Mark Paternostro, PhD, Pharmacology and Physiology,  Chair
Holly Ressetar, PhD, Neurobiology and Anatomy, Vice Chair

Faculty Members:

  • Brown, James, MD - Eastern Campus
  • Cottrell, Scott, EdD -- Associate Dean for Student Services & Curriculum
  • Covey, Thomas, MD – Community Physician
  • Elliott, Thomas, PhD - Microbiology
  • Fink-Hammer, Leah, PhD - Physiology & Pharmacology
  • Fooks, Henry, MD – Urology
  • Funari, Bryan, MD -- Pediatrics
  • Grey, Carl, MD -- MedicineGGGGGGreyGreGreykdasdlkfjasdl;kfjasdlkfjas;lGGreyFuneariFunf 
  • Haggerty, Treah, MD – Family Medicine
  • Hembree, Wanda, MD – Obstetrics/Gynecology
  • Hull, Robert, MD -- Internal Medicine 
  • John, Colin, MD, MPH – Pediatrics
  • Jones, Yemisi, MD -Pediatrics
  • MacKay, Karen, MD -- Internal Medicine
  • Marano, Gary, MD -- Radiology
  • Marshalek, Patrick, MD -- Behavioral Medicine & Psychiatry
  • Moorehead, Benjamin, MD -- Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Paulson, Debra, MD -- Emergency Medicine
  • Ranganathan, Pavithra, MD - Anesthesia
  • Stoltzfus, Patricia, MD -- Radiology
  • Umstot, Richard, MD - Department of Surgery Charleston Division
  • Unger, Kendra, MD - Family Medicine
  • Wayt, Michael, MD - Community Physician
  • Wilkinson, Ronald, MD -- Otolaryngology
  • Ferrari, Norman, MD – Vice Dean for Education & Academic Affairs (ex-officio, voting)
  • Hazard, Hannah, MD -- Assistant Dean for Admissions (ex-officio, non-voting)

Student Members:

  • Bonasso, Adriana - MSIV
  • Dolan, Claire - MSIV
  • Foy, Chase - MSIV
  • Lempert, Nathaniel - MSIV
  • Radis, Sarah - MSIV
  • Stinehart, Kyle - MSIV

Responsible Staff Member: Lauren Wamsley, MPH
Responsible Assistant Dean: Hannah Hazard, MD