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Every gift to the Department of Biochemistry is important and will make an impact. A strong network of alumni and friends who are annual contributors, provide critical support for the Department's mission. By making a gift, you can:

Support Research in Biochemistry: The Department of Biochemistry is responsible for providing an environment that promotes and supports the development of independent, nationally competitive research programs, which are essential for the discovery of knowledge and sustaining a rigorous training program in graduate education. Research programs in the Department are currently focused upon the biochemical basis underlying normal and abnormal processes associated with human disease. These include studies addressing the mechanisms:

  • regulating metabolism, obesity and diabetes
  • controlling alternative splicing of transcripts associated with neuronal disease and metabolic changes associated with cancer
  • resulting in regulatory defects in the proteasome associated with neurodegenerative disease and cancer
  • controlling multiple cellular changes that occur during tumorigenesis and metastasis

The Department strives to support research infrastructure, including investment in common equipment and support for operations, e.g. service contracts. As part of this mission, the Biochemistry Protein Core is operated as a central facility dedicated to assisting WVU faculty in producing purified proteins for their research. The Department also supports the development of new initiatives, particularly collaborative initiatives and expansion of existing programs into the area of clinical/translational research.

Support Education in Biochemistry: The Department of Biochemistry is responsible for the delivery of professional courses in the area of biochemistry throughout the Health Sciences Center, including the Schools of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy. In addition, our faculty are actively engaged in graduate education, both school-wide and in the discipline of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. The Department strives to support travel for faculty to attend national education-focused meetings, provide infrastructure for the education mission and fund course development to improve existing curriculum and the creation of new teaching initiatives.

Support Graduate Student Excellence: Graduate students play a central role in the Department's research activities outlined above. One goal of the Department is to reward a truly exemplary student in the Department of Biochemistry (regardless of graduate program affiliation) by sponsoring attendance at a prestigious national workshop, Biological Discovery Course at Woods Hole. This seven-week workshop provides an outstanding training experience and opportunity to engage prestigious scientists outside of their field. The outcome of one such noteworthy workshop was the discovery of cyclins, which was published by several students working with Tim Hunt, who has served as instructor (Cell 33:389-396).

How To Give:

We encourage you to make a contribution within the area you feel most passionate.

If you have questions about the giving process, please contact:

Kristen Shipp
HSC Director of Annual Giving
Phone: (304) 293-1873
Email: If you have questions about the Department please contact:

Lana Yoho
Department of Biochemistry
Phone: (304) 293-2494

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