Required Rotations

PGY-1 year

  • 2 months of Inpatient medicine, Ruby Memorial Hospital
  • 1 month of Inpatient neurology, Ruby Memorial Hospital
  • 1 month of Outpatient neurology, Physician's Office Center
  • 1 month of Emergency Medicine, Ruby Memorial Hospital
  • 1 month of outpatient Family Medicine, Family Medicine Outpatient Center
  • 6 months of Psychiatry Rotations (includes inpatient psychiatry, consultation/liaison and day Hospital rotations, typically all at Chestnut Ridge Hospital)
  • Year long experience of a ½ day a week of continuity outpatient psychiatry clinics

PGY-2 year

  • 2 months of Addiction Psychiatry, Chestnut Ridge Hospital
  • 2 months of Emergency Psychiatry (Night Float Rotation), Chestnut Ridge Hospital
  • 3 months of Consultation/Liaison &/or day Hospital Rotations, Chestnut Ridge Hospital
  • 5 months inpatient Psychiatry (1 month at the VA, 1 month at the Sharpe Hospital, 3 months at Chestnut Ridge Hospital)
  • Year long experience of a ½ day a week of continuity outpatient psychiatry clinics

PGY-3 year

  • 12 months of Outpatient Psychiatry at Chestnut Ridge Center, this includes:
    • general medication evaluation clinics for adults, adolescents and children
    • Telepsychiatry
    • CBT and psychodynamic therapy clinics
    • specialty clinics such as memory clinic and thought disorders clinic

PGY4- year

  • 1 month Consultation Liaison as the Ward Senior/"junior attending" rotation, CRC
  • 4 months of Inpatient Psychiatry as the Ward Senior/ "junior attending" rotation, CRC
  • 7 months of Electives

Location of Rotations

Chestnut Ridge Center (CRC) and Chestnut Ridge Hospital are the main training locations for all psychiatry rotations. Ruby Memorial Hospital, the Physician's Office Center, and the Family Medicine Outpatient clinics are all part of the same hospital complex and all adjacent to Chestnut Ridge and less than a 1 minute walk between buildings.

The only rotations considered off-site are the 1 month experience at the Veterans Association (VA) in Clarksburg, WV and Sharpe Hospital in Weston, WV. Both rotations are about an hour and 15 minute drive from Morgantown. Carpooling is frequently available as most VA and Sharpe faculty live in Morgantown as well.

Our rotations meet all the requirements of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology to make graduates from our program board eligible in General Psychiatry by the completion of 4 years. We also are structured to accommodate trainees who wish to begin a child psychiatry fellowship via the fast track program (3 years of general psychiatry + 2 years of child fellowship training) in succession.

House Officer Duties (formerly "call") responsibilities for Psychiatry Rotations

House Officer Duties include handling floor issues and admissions to the acute psychiatric units of Chestnut Ridge Hospital. Residents in our program currently take responsibilities for house officer duties on the following shift schedule:

  • Day shift (M-F): 8am-4pm (residents are responsible for the patients and admissions to their primary assigned rotation only)
  • Short shift (M-Thurs): 4pm-8pm (4 hours)
  • Night Float/Emergency Psychiatry shift (Sunday night-Friday mornings): 8 pm- 8am (12 hours)
  • Friday night shift: 4pm Friday-8am Sat morning (16 hours)
  • Saturday day shift: 8am-8pm (12 hours)
  • Saturday night shift: 8pm Sat- 8am Sunday (12 hours)
  • Sunday day shift: 8am-8pm (12 hours)

Residents may take house officer duties from home for shifts that fall in the evening or overnight if they are within pager range and able to come to the hospital in person within a reasonable amount of time.

House officer duties on average for psychiatry rotations are estimated to be:

PGY-1 year

  • 2- Weekend day shifts (12 hours) a month
  • 4- Short shifts (4 hours) a month

PGY-2 year

  • 1-Friday night shift (16 hours) a month
  • 1-Weekend shift (12 hours) a month
  • 3-Short shifts (4 hours) a month

PGY-3 year

  • 1-Weekend shift (12 hours) a month

Note: There are typically 1-2 months a year for each PGY class that are considered call free based on the rotation schedule. PGY-1s will take house officer duties on their inpatient medicine and inpatient neurology services with these medical teams on a similar frequency; they do not take psychiatry call when on these medicine rotations. All rotations obey the ACGME guidelines for duty hours including: 10 hours between shift rest periods, 5 days off and free from duty a month, etc.


The department offers a very generous vacation/annual leave allowance for all residents and fellows. Residents earn 2 vacation/annual leave days a month for a total of 24 days a year which translates to 4-5 weeks/year. There are some rotations which vacation cannot be taken (i.e. emergency psychiatry, C/L rotations specifically). Residents are guaranteed at least one week of leave over the winter holidays (weeks including Dec 25 & Jan 1) and will decide their preferences which week to work and which week to take off.


Residents are able to moonlight if they are in good standing in the training program, abide by the moonlighting policies, and hold an active state medical license.