Front Row: Dr. Cloonan, Dr. Linton, Dr. Drake, Dr. Luzier, Dr. Kerr Back Row: Dr. Hancock, Dr. Chelf Sirbu, Dr. Storer, Dr. Walker Matthews, Dr. DiPino, Dr. Wilhelm, Dr. Burum, Dr. Fields, Dr. Selby-Nelson

  • Jocelyn J. Burum, PsyD (Marshall University) jocelyn.burum@camc.org: Clinical Assistant Professor, CAMC Family Resource Center.  Clinical interest areas: developmental delays, outpatient individual psychotherapy with children and adolescents, assessment with children and adolescents, social skill development, cognitive-behavioral therapy.
    Scholarly Interest Areas: Familial coping with developmental delays in children, parent stress pertaining to atypical child development, rural versus urban access to mental health services.
  • Melisa Chelf Sirbu, PhD (Virginia Tech) melisa.chelfsirbu@camc.org : Clinical Assistant Professor. Coordinator of Psychology, CAMC Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, clinical and health psychology, individual psychotherapy, psychoeducational group interventions. Scholarly Interest Areas: Psychosocial functioning and cardiac health, psychosocial functioning after trauma, assessment and treatment of anxiety disorders.
  • Holly A. Cloonan, PhD (Purdue) hcloonan@hsc.wvu.edu: Associate Professor and Coordinator, Child Psychology. Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, cognitive behavioral interventions with anxious/depressed/angry school aged children, treatment of OCD. Scholarly Interest Areas: PCIT treatment efficacy in various populations.
  • Raymond Kim DiPino, PhD (George Mason University) raymond.dipino@camc.org : Associate Professor, Neuropsychologist, Director of Psychological Assessment Lab. Scholarly Interest Areas: Mild traumatic brain injury, neurocognitive functioning following trauma, test development, toxic exposure, detecting of malingering, chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Elise A. Drake, PhD (Virginia Tech) elise.drake@camc.org : Clinical Assistant Professor, CAMC Sleep Center. Clinical and health psychology, sleep disorders, cognitive-behavior therapy. Scholarly Interest Areas: large-scale behavior change, simulation in clinical and educational settings.
  • Scott A. Fields, PhD (Ohio University) scott.fields@camc.org : Associate Professor, Director of Behavioral Sciences, Department of Family Medicine. Clinical psychology, health psychology, cognitive-behavioral therapy, tobacco cessation. Scholarly Interest Areas: Outcomes assessment, the continuum of mental health care, prevention programs.
  • Jennifer Hancock, PsyD (Marshall University) CAMC Cancer Center, jennifer.hancock@camc.org. Clinical Assistant Professor. Clinical Interest Areas: Individual, couples, and group psychotherapy with adult cancer patients and caregivers.
    Scholarly Interest Areas: community needs assessments, distress screening, access to and barriers of mental health treatment, adapting evidenced-based treatments to Appalachian populations and cancer survivorship.
  • Parick L. Kerr, PhD (North Dakota) pkerr@hsc.wvu.edu : Assistant Professor, Outpatient psychotherapy, Associate director of research. Scholarly Interest Areas: Suicide and suicidality; non-suicidal self- injury (NSSI); emotion regulation/dysregulation; Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT); treatment outcomes research; psychobiological components of severe psychopathology; evidence-bases treatment development and outcomes; suicidality in emergency settings; Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD); bipolar Disorder: PTSD and traumatic stress.
  • John C. Linton, PhD, ABPP (Clinical Psychology, Health Psychology)(Kent State) jlinton@hsc.wvu.edu : Professor, Chief Psychologist and Director of Psychology Internship Training. Vice Chair and Coordinator of Medical Student Education. Clinical health/rehabilitation psychology, adult outpatient, ethics and professional affairs, traumatic stress, brief interpersonal psychotherapy for depression. Director of Trauma Assessment and Recovery Program. Scholarly Interest Areas: Adjustment to acute trauma, medical crises as traumatogenic, critical incident stress in emergency personnel, bariatric surgery, high performance relations team training, males injured in the workplace, professional ethics.
  • Jessica L. Luzier, PhD, ABPP (Child and Adolescent Psychology)(Ohio University) jluzier@hsc.wvu.edu : Assistant Professor, Outpatient child and adolescent psychotherapy, Clinical Director of the WVU Disordered Eating Center of Charleston (DECC). Scholarly Interest Areas: Eating disorders, feeding disorders, pediatric obesity, emotionally dysregulated adolescents, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) for adolescents and disordered eating populations, EST’s, treatment outcome research.
  • Emily Selby-Nelson, PsyD (Marshall University) enelson@cchcwv.com: Clinical Assistant Professor. Cabin Creek Health Systems. Clinical interest areas: primary care psychology, clinical and health psychology, cognitive-behavioral therapy, outpatient psychotherapy, and rural populations.
    Scholarly interest areas: health behavior change, optimizing access to and use of healthcare and mental health treatment in rural areas, and behavioral health program development and implementation of evidenced based practices in rural integrated primary care settings.
  • Jennifer Storer, Ph.D. (Ohio Universityjstorer@kvc.org,  Clinical Assistant Professor. KVC Behavioral HealthCare West Virginia. Clinical Interest Areas: youth at risk, including youth with developmental or mental health concerns, youth from abusive and neglectful environments, youth who have experienced trauma, and youth involved in the juvenile justice system.
    Scholarly Interest Areas: evidence-based interventions for youth who have experienced trauma, adjustment of youth in the foster care system, risk and resilience factors in youth, prevention and risk reduction programming
  • Susan Walker-Matthews, PhD (UNC-Greensboro) swm.medallion@gmail.com. Clinical Assistant Professor. Medallion Psychological Associates.  Pediatric psychology, women’s health, psychotherapy for adolescents. Scholarly Interest Areas: Patient and familial coping with pediatric cancer, cognitive changes following chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
  • Laura R. Wilhelm, PhD (Ohio University) lwilhelm@hsc.wvu.edu :Assistant Professor. Individual psychotherapy with adults, adolescents and children, cognitive behavior therapy, psychoeducational and supportive group interventions, health psychology. Scholarly Interest Areas: Interventions that improve coping with painful medical procedures, patient and family adjustment to serious injury/chronic illness.