August 3rd 2015

Mindfulness and acceptance go hand in hand. Without mindfulness, we lose our ability to accept what is. When we choose the path of non-acceptance, we may become mindless, seeking to avoid discomfort and pain, which ultimately leads to more discomfort and pain.

In DBT, mindfulness and acceptance are the "bread and butter" of a life worth living. A life worth living is not a pain-free life, but rather a life that includes both pain and joy. As the Chinese Buddhist addage goes, "In life, there are ten thousand joys, and ten thousand sorrows." When we turn toward the moment just as it is, acknowledging that right now it's like this, we open ourselves to the joys that truly make life worth living.

In this short video, clinical psychologist and meditation teacher Dr. Tara Brach discusses her experience of using mindfulness and acceptance to embrace a change in her own health. I find this to be an inspiring account of the transformative power of acceptance. Hopefully you will too!