July 20th 2015

Mindfulness encompasses and intersects with all we do in Dialectical Behavior Therapy. More than just a "technique", or a skill, mindfulness is very much a way of life for clinicians who practice DBT. In the face of seemingly infinite distractions in the modern era, living mindfully can seem like more of a challenge than solution, like more of a hindrance than a path to progress, and like more than any human being can expect of himself. The DBT principle of living mindfully in just this one moment allows us the freedom to turn away from the stream of distractions and toward the things that matter most for a life worth living.

I watched the following Ted Talk by Andy Puddicombe with my 3 year old son. In true 3 year-old fashion, and perfectly fit to the topic, shortly after the talk began, my son asked "Daddy, why isn't he doing anything?" It was the perfect teachable moment for mindfulness. Perhaps this short talk can help you find a teachable moment for yourself on your own path to mindful living.

See Andy Puddicombe's Ted Talk on Mindfulness here.