September 25th 2015

Life is a series of moments. Our lives may change in a moment; or they may not.  We may change from one moment to the next; or we may not. Sometimes it's just one moment that makes all the difference; at other times, it is what transpires across a series of moments that counts the most.

We have a choice about how we spend our moments, even when we have not chosen to be in the moment we are in. Even in the most difficult moments of our life, we can choose our responses to that difficulty. We can choose to be skillful; or willful. We can choose to be mindful; or mindless. We can choose to act on our values; or act only on our emotions. We can choose to stay committed to our goals; or choose to change direction. We can choose acceptance; or we can choose to suffer more by not accepting that right now, it's like this

In DBT, we teach our patients to make choices in each moment that will lead to a life worth living. And in that context, each moment does count, even if only in a small way, to help people progress toward less suffering and more fulfillment in their life. After all, a life worth living is really just a series of moments in which one has chosen to make life worth living. So a life worth living happens one moment at a time. As Marsha Linehan has said, "It's just this one moment, for the rest of your life."

In this short video from WNYC's Radio Lab, a series of moments in people's lives are presented, moment by moment- some banal, some intense, some routine, some poignant, and all complex in their own way.

What will you do with this moment?