Ahmed Fikry Attaallah, M.D.

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Board Certification: Anesthesiology

Medical School: Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt

Residency: Anesthesiology

Faculty Rank: Assistant Professor

Special Clinical/Research Interests:Neuroanesthesia | Pediatric anesthesia

Is there a particular population of students (e.g., ethnicity, spiritual, sexual orientation) that you would particularly like to advise?

Muslim students

What does a typical day in the life of a Muslim include?

5 daily prayers
Halal (Kosher) food

What is the biggest challenge of being a Muslim?

Being able to perform prayers on-time while in class or during work
Finding a source of kosher food

How do you foresee Anesthesiology changing over the next 20 years?

More technology, new safer medications, electronic records

What advice would you give a student who is considering an Anesthesiology residency?

Join anesthesia interest group as a student
Check the simulation lab as an introduction to real-life anesthesia