Title: Graduate Feedback
Author: Katie James

Hi Diana,

I hope Fall semester is treating you (and the HPL) well. I am settled here in beautiful Tucson and loving it. I know you all like to keep track of your grads so here's an update from me!

I just accepted a job offer from a local hospital here in Tucson (TMC) as an Exercise Physiologist in Cardiac Rehab! I'll be rotating between phases 1,2,and 3, but mainly in phases 1 and 2. I really like the people I'll be working for and am excited to gain more inpatient experience. This job feels like the perfect fit for my life right now!

I also want to take a moment to extend praises to the grad program and my hands on experiences in the HPL. The interconnectedness between the 2 has by far given me an upper hand in exercise physiology. In the few interviews I've done the past few months, employers have been impressed with the knowledge and experience I have in exercise testing. It's a major benefit that I know how to operate the metcart, run all the different treadmill tests, administer EKG, and interpret them. They also like that I've worked with a diversity of patients in the HPL. I know you remind your interns and GA's frequently, but you can tell them from me how valuable those experiences are going to be in the job market. I'm also finding that the hospital rotations we did in both cardiac rehab and respiratory are extremely valuable. It's amazing to me how many EP's haven't been to the places we got to shadow. So I feel like I've seen more than them in some capacities (especially when it comes to the cath lab, and echocardiograms etc). I think the moral of my story is that coming out of the program at WVU I have been equipped with the skills and knowledge I need to be a great EP. For that I am thankful. The patients in the HPL also made a huge difference for me in applying to a cardiac rehab position. Through the friendships I made with them and the inspiration I have carried with me, their impact has been huge.

For you to chart with your new grads: my expected hourly wage is $20.75.

I will try to come visit when in town for Christmas!

Best Wishes!