Population Health Management in Primary Care Fellowship

Fellowship Director: Karen Fitzpatrick, MD

Developing Program

The Population Health Faculty Development Fellowship is a two-year fellowship that combines the curriculum of Masters in Public Health in Health Policy with the Family Medicine Faculty Development PCMH Fellowship, in collaboration with the School of Public Health. It includes a MPH or MSCR degree from WVU School of Public Health, clinical care and sing health information technology, data analytics, and population health tools to support advanced primary care. Graduates will be capable of becoming practice, academic, and health system leaders in population health management and practice transformation.

PCMH Fellowship Program History

The WVU Family Medicine Department created a Patient Centered Medical Home Faculty Development fellowship in 2014 to train family physician leaders with expertise in new models of primary care delivery and practice transformation.   In 2017, the fellowship was redesigned to broaden its scope to population health management for all primary care disciplines, not just family medicine, by forming a collaboration between the three primary care academic departments at WVU (Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Family Medicine).   The fellowship will provide an option for a two year program to pursue a Master’s degree beginning in 2018-19 academic year.

Prior Fellows and their current positions:

2014-15 Shaylee Peckens, MD, PCMH CCE

            Assistant Professor, WVU Family Medicine

            Medical Director for Quality

2015-16 Melody Phillips MD, PCMH CCE

            Assistant Professor, WVU Family Medicine  

Current Fellow:

2017-18 Umama Sadia, MD

For more information, please contact Karen Fitzpatrick, MD

Director - Dr. Karen Fitzpatrick

Phone: 304-285-7082

Email: Fitzpatrickk@wvumedicine.org

Associate Director – Dr. Kelley Gannon

Phone: 304-293-1964

Email: kgannon@hsc.wvu.edu

Associate Director – Dr. Hilary Morley

Phone: 304-293-1409

Email: hhickman@hsc.wvu.edu