Why Give?

A good medical education awakens the desire to alleviate suffering and change the world.

The WVU School of Medicine in the 21st century is a statewide force for good health with a national reputation for excellence and a global presence. It stands at the heart of the University’s efforts to serve the state of West Virginia, improve lives through research and outreach, and educate health professionals and scientists who will change the world.

The WVU School of Medicine faculty share what they know and teach by example. Students work together, learning from their professors and each other. The classrooms, research laboratories, and academic facilities we propose reflect a commitment to inter-disciplinary training and collaboration with our Health Sciences colleagues and academic partners across the University. The WVU School of Medicine also provides the clinical foundation for a billion-dollar-a-year network of hospitals and health institutions that serves people throughout the region and creates thousands of jobs.


Nearly 3,000 students apply to the WVU School of Medicine each year. Some are the first in their families to attend college. For them and many prospective students, the skyrocketing cost of attending medical school, along with the prospect of six-figure debt, makes the WVU promise—the opportunity to reach one’s full potential—seem unattainable.

Every year WVU loses some of the state’s best students—and future physicians—because the University cannot compete with the amount of scholarship support other medical schools can offer. Scholarship gifts mean the daughters and sons of West Virginia can attend WVU without amassing huge debt. With your help, our best and brightest students can choose a career in medicine independent of financial concerns, and can choose to remain in West Virginia.

Investment Total: $20 Million


The WVU School of Medicine competes with institutions across the country for the best academic instructors. Endowed chairs and professorships, the gold standard of academic medicine, give us a powerful edge. They entice highly sought-after faculty with the promise of continuing support for their unique clinical programs and life-saving research. Private support for endowed positions will help WVU attract outstanding teachers and researchers whose skills will help solve West Virginia’s
most pressing health problems and extend that knowledge to people worldwide.

Investment Total: $16.5 Million

Health and Disease Management

A landscape that inspires poets, the West Virginia hills also create barriers that limit access and exacerbate illness. The WVU School of Medicine, however, envisions a West Virginia where children are healthy, quality care is accessible, and the state’s economy prospers through innovation and the healthy habits of a productive workforce. With your financial help, School of Medicine faculty will advance the fight against diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart disease, and
other afflictions that disproportionately affect the state’s 1.8 million residents.

Reducing health disparities in West Virginia is an opportunity and an obligation. Your gifts will help WVU provide excellent patient care, train the next generation of physicians, and attract the most promising researchers to WVU, where they can pioneer new programs, develop more effective drugs, and invent novel medical devices that change lives and create economic opportunity. Likewise, research collaboration between WVU and private industry has the potential to fuel the state’s economic engine, disseminating knowledge, solutions, and hope to people across the globe.

Investment Total: $93.4 Million

Children’s Health

Our children are our future. It’s that simple. Every dollar we invest in West Virginia’s children will determine their future—and ours. Today, West Virginia’s children often lead the nation in poor health due to obesity, diabetes, illnesses resulting from low birth weight, and more. The WVU School of Medicine envisions a future
where improving children’s health transforms the state’s healthcare and economic destiny.

A place that puts kids first means no child in West Virginia has to leave the state for care. Private support is needed to attract more pediatric specialists, to pay for cutting-edge research, and to fund rural health clinics. Support is also necessary to build much-needed pediatric facilities that complement the expansion plans of mission-critical WVU Children’s Hospital, which houses the largest group of pediatric physicians and surgeons dedicated to the care of children and adolescents in West Virginia.

Investment Total: $20 Million

Leave a Legacy

In recent years, donors have informed us of their intention to include a gift to the School of Medicine in their wills. These gifts provide an estate tax deduction and have a tremendous impact on our ability to continue our mission of education, discovery and care. If you would like information on how to include the School of Medicine in your will or estate plan and direct your gift, please contact your Medicine Philanthropy team at 304-293-3980.