WVU Positive Health Clinic

The Ryan White Title III EIS grant was awarded to West Virginia University in October of 2003 following two year Planning and Capacity Building Grants. The clinic officially started in January 2004 with the beginning of Wednesday morning clinics held primarily for HIV/AIDS patients. The clinic offers comprehensive care by Infectious Disease Physicians in addition to a nurse, social worker, nutritionist, pharmacist, and mental health doctor. Referrals to other medical specialties are available as needed. The program also has a Consumer Advisory Board (CAB), which meets regularly and consists of those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. The CAB provides input and consumer views to the program staff as well as assistance with projects as needed. Finally, the consumers officially named the clinic, West Virginia University Positive Health Clinic, in the summer of 2004.

E-mail us at positivehealthclinic@hsc.wvu.edu

Funding for the Ryan White Title III Early Intervention Services Grant is provided by HRSA Grant Number 5H76HA01719-02-00