Geriatrics, Palliative Medicine & Hospice

The Section of Geriatrics, Palliative Medicine and Hospice at West Virginia University has the main mission to advance health care and quality of life for older people and those with serious illnesses.


Geriatric Medicine

Geriatric Medicine provides comprehensive diagnosis and treatments of all medical problems related to people more than 65 years old.  Elderly people who are coping with medical problems or mental decline particularly require additional specialized care and assistance.  That's the role of Geriatric Medicine.  Our caring team is comprised of Board Certified Geriatricians committed to provide high quality of care.


Geriatric care includes:

-Specialized Geriatric consultation for frail, older adults with complex, life-threatening, or chronic conditions including dementia and delirium

-Our Geriatric team works closely with our patient's primary care physicians and with other specialists within WVU Medicine including cardiology, oncology, neurology and pulmonary.

-Outpatient full spectrum Geriatric Clinic at University Town Center

-Outpatient Geriatric-Psychiatry Clinic at University Town Center

-Inpatient Geriatric consultations at J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital

-Clinical partnership with local nursing homes in the Morgantown area (Mapleshire and Sundale)


Palliative Medicine and Hospice

Palliative Medicine and Hospice provides patient and family centered care that offers quality of life for patients with life limiting illnesses by anticipating, preventing, and treating suffering.  No matter your age or stage of your illness, we work closely with you and your doctors to help you navigate your healthcare and understand your treatment options.

Our caring team is comprised of Board Certified Palliative Medicine and Hospice physicians, nurses, social workers, physical therapist, occupational therapists, dieticians, speech therapists, chaplains and pharmacists committed to provide high quality of care.


Palliative Medicine and Hospice includes:

-Careful pain and symptom assessment and control

-Psychosocial and spiritual support to patients and families

-Discussion about patients' goals for care so that they can be respected

-Coordination of service among the different teams treating an individual

-Assistance withy identifying the patient's and family's preferred place of care and discharge (home, nursing home, long-term acute hospital, or in-patient hospice)

-Inpatient Palliative Medicine consultations at J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital

-General Inpatient (GIP) hospice care at J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital

-Coordination of the patients care with all the hospice agencies in the region