Section of Hospital Medicine

The Section of Hospital Medicine provides exemplary, comprehensive patient care to hospitalized adults.  Members of the section provide evidence based care for patients exclusively tailored to the inpatient setting.  The hospital services are provided in Ruby Memorial Hospital.

Members of the Section provide a variety of specific services including:

  • Comprehensive care admission to discharge.
  • Coordination of post-acute care with patient's primary care providers and region-wide post-acute care facilities.
  • Preoperative assessments.
  • Routine care of both common and diverse medical illnesses.
  • In patient medical consultation for surgical, cardiovascular, neurology patients as well as all other inpatient service lines.

Missions and goals

The Section of Hospital Medicine is committed to providing high quality, evidence based, patient centered care to hospitalized adults from 18 to over 100.  We provide health care and acute disease management through comprehensive evaluation, appropriate diagnostic testing, coordination with proper consulting services, and medical literature driven interventions.

While our patients are hospitalized, we care for their acute and chronic conditions by practicing compassionate, thorough, and patient centered medicine.