LOCATION: Pars Neurosurgical Associates, St. Joseph's Hospital and Camden Clark Memorial Hospital - Parkersburg, WV
PRECEPTORS: Houman Khosrovi, MD; Rammy Gold, MD; Abdi Ghodsi, MD
DURATION: 4 weeks minimum
OFFERED: Continuously
STATUS: Elective (can be scheduled as a rural community rotation)


Learn how to diagnose neurosurgical and neurological disorders and determine the various treatment modalities that are available.

Methods to Achieve Objectives

  1. Evaluate patients in the outpatient setting
  2. Assist performing surgeon in the operating room
  3. Evaluate and follow in house neurosurgical patients perioperatively
  4. Learn a thorough neurological examination and the principles of diagnostic studies (CT, MRI, X-rays, etc.)

Evaluation Procedures

Clinical and surgical attendance. The student should demonstrate through their performance the acquisition of basic knowledge of neurosurgery.

Pre-Rotation Instructions

Contact Elaine Nunner 2 weeks prior to start of rotation for further instructions. or (304) 865-3622. Office is located at 1212 Garfield Avenue, Suite 300, Parkersburg, WV 26101.