Orthopaedic Surgery / Sports Medicine

LOCATION: United Hospital Center, 527 Medical Park Drive, Bridgeport, WV 
PRECEPTOR: Joseph J. Fazalare, MD
DURATION: 2 weeks minimum
OFFERED: By arrangement with preceptor (Email Dr. Fazalare at jfazalare@gmail.com for approval)
STATUS: Elective

This elective is a one on one, hands on experience with a fellowship trained Sports Medicine Orthopaedic surgeon. Only students with an interest in Sports Medicine or Orthopaedic Surgery as a career will be accepted.


  1. Exposure to Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine
  2. Gauge interest in Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine as a potential career
  3. Learn the basics of musculoskeletal extremity examination
  4. Learn the proper workup of musculoskeletal complaints
  5. Interpret the results of musculoskeletal workup
  6. Learn both operative and nonoperative treatments of musculoskeletal problems
  7. Exposure to current Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine literature
  8. Opportunity for sporting event sideline coverage and training room experience

Methods to Achieve Objectives

Students will have a one on one experience with the preceptor. There will be hands on surgical exposure to orthopaedic sports medicine in the operating room two days per week. Three days a week, the student will join the preceptor in the office taking care of patients with musculoskeletal complaints. The student will learn important physical exam skills as well as diagnosing musculoskeletal problems. After the diagnosis is made, the appropriate treatment algorithim will be discussed and implemented. Once a week one current journal article (which will be picked by the student) will be discussed. Depending on the timing of the rotation and student desire, sporting event sideline coverage and training room exposure will be available but optional.

Evaluation Procedures

Daily observation.

Pre-Rotation Instructions

Contact Vicki Wagner,2 weeks prior to the start of the rotation. wagnerv@wvumedicine.org /(681) 342-3620 

Please review the following documents;

2017 UHC Medical Student Info Sheet

2017 UHC Student Orientation Packet