Orthopaedic Surgery

LOCATION: Wheeling Hospital - Wheeling, West Virginia
PRECEPTOR: Dr. Michael Zilles; Dr. Alan Tissenbaum
DURATION: 4 weeks minimum
OFFERED: By arrangement with preceptor
STATUS: Elective (can be scheduled as a rural community rotation)


  1. To expose the student to orthopedic medicine and surgery;
  2. To expose the student to orthopedic techniques and to evaluate and treat orthopedic cases;
  3. To expose the student to traction equipment and modalities currently used in physical therapy.

Methods to Achieve Objectives

  1. Student is assigned to one attending physician;
  2. Student takes histories, performs physical examinations on all patients to which the student is assigned, prescribes therapy and follow-up hospital care under preceptor's supervision;
  3. Student is first assistant on surgical procedures;
  4. Student will attend all orthopedic conferences, as well as other scheduled conferences in other specialties;
  5. Office experience when WVU School of Medicine is consulted according to curriculum.

Evaluation Procedures

Daily observation, both in the office and during surgical procedures, rounds, patient work-ups and examinations. Weekend Level II Trauma call on Dr. Caveney's trauma rotation.

Pre-Rotation Instructions

TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO THE ROTATION START DATE CONTACT: Sarah Melanko, Residency Secretary. smelanko@wheelinghospital.org or 304-243-3330.