Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

LOCATION: Monongalia General Hospital and Morgantown Plastic Surgery Associates Morgantown, WV
PRECEPTOR: W. Thomas McClellan, MD
DURATION: 4 weeks minimum
OFFERED: Continuously
STATUS: Elective


  1. Orientation to functional and surgical anatomy
  2. Basics of skin grafts and flaps
  3. Wound healing basics
  4. Microsurgery basics
  5. Suturing, hand ties, instrument ties
  6. Required participation in research or medical writing.

Methods to Achieve Objectives

Student is assigned to one plastic surgeon. Observation in clinic and participation in the operating room. Weekly presentations by attending physician on various plastic surgery core concepts. Student will attend General Surgery Rounds at WVU each week while on service.

Evaluation Procedures

Daily observation. Oral questioning in clinic and operating room. Student will be required to give a presentation at the end of his/her rotation on selected topic of their choosing.

Pre-Rotation Instructions

Report to Dr. Thomas McClellan at or (304) 777-4677.