Bingyun Li, PhD, Professor

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*Corresponding author. Papers have been cited for more than 3,500 times; average citation = 6.939 times/yr/paper for papers published as *corresponding author; average citation = 3.85 times/yr/paper for all papers published. As corresponding author, papers have been published on Materials Today (Impact Factor/IF=21.695; 2 papers), Chem Mater (IF=9.466; 2 papers), Advanced Science (IF=9.034), J Mater Chem A (IF=8.867; 2 papers), Biomaterials (IF=8.402), ACS Appl Mater Interfaces (IF=7.504; 2 papers), Appl Energy (IF=7.182; 3 papers), Chem Comm (IF=6.319), Nanomed (IF=5.72), Biomacromolecules (IF=5.246), Adv Healthcare Mater (IF=5.11), J Mater Chem B (IF=4.872), Antimicrob Agents Chemother (IF=4.302), Int J Nanomed (IF=4.3; 5 papers), etc.


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  • Postdoc and graduate positions are occasionally available, please email for availability. Joined graduate trainings and self-funded visiting students and other scholars are welcome.
  • Dr. Li has mentored 83 trainees (details please see his CV) including 8 research residents, 9 PhD students, one master's student, 18 MD students, 31 undergraduates, one high school student, 6 postdoctoral research associates, and 9 visiting scholars (one MD/PhD visiting student, 5 visiting attending physicians, three visiting professors).