Biomaterials, Bioengineering & Nanotechnology Laboratory

Bingyun Li, PhD and Sanford E. Emery, MD

Research topics:

  • Advanced Materials: Nanostructured peptide, unique nanofiber and nanoflowers, phase-change materials, nano-layered sorbent
  • Infection: Intra-cellular infection, immunotherapeutic approaches against infection, antimicrobial peptide, and antimicrobial hydrogel
  • NanoMedicine and NanoToxicity: Nanocoating/capsule, nanoencapsulating live cell, targeting intra-cellular pathogens, nanotoxicity of metal and polymer nanoparticle
  • Animal Models and in vivo Studies: Open fracture rat model, spine infection rabbit model, bioluminescent infection model, and intra-tracheal instillation rat model
  • Clinical Studies: Chronic and recurrent infection

Positions Available:

  • Postdoc and graduate positions are occasionally available, please email for availability. Joined graduate trainings and self-funded visiting students and other scholars are welcome.

Faculty Advisor:

A photo of Bingyun Li.

Bingyun Li, PhD

West Virginia University
Professor, Orthopaedics
Member, WVU Cancer Institute Research Programs