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Klingberg Neurodevelopmental Center

The Klingberg Neurodevelopmental Center helps children who are having difficulties in the areas of development, attention, and learning.
We offer multi-disciplinary diagnostic evaluations for children displaying difficulties in the areas of development, attention, learning, and sleep. Our core team includes a pediatric neurologist, an educational psychologist, a social worker, and a parent educator. Most of the children seen through the center are between the ages of one and eleven.

Our core team includes a pediatric neurologist, a licensed psychologist, a social worker, and a parent educator. Most of the children we see at the Center are under the age of 6.


The Klingberg Neurodevelopmental Clinic sees children who have, or may be at risk of having, delays in any area of development. Our multi-disciplinary team includes our Klingberg staff plus a pediatric geneticist, an audiologist, and a neonatal pediatrician. 
If your child is referred to our Clinic, we will need to review his or her medical, educational, and social records.


If we determine that we can help your child, evaluations at our Neurodevelopmental Clinic usually take at least 3 hours.
During this time our team will:

  • learn more about your child's medical, behavioral, and developmental history
  • observe your child as he or she plays and interacts with others
  • complete diagnostic and developmental assessments

The team will then provide you with feedback about what we’ve learned and make recommendations for further evaluation or treatment.
At the end of the appointment, you will be given an information sheet outlining our findings. You will receive a more extensive written report in about a month. Much of the report is devoted to recommendations for intervention and education.


To make a referral to the Klingberg Neurodevelopmental Clinic, please call 304-293-7331 or 304-293-2890.

Depending on the needs of each child, referrals to other professionals, such as pediatric neurologists or geneticists, can be provided. If our team does not think your child can be well-served by our clinic, we can offer you information about more appropriate resources. While the Klingberg Neurodevelopmental Center does not offer intensive, ongoing treatment for pervasive developmental disorders at this time, we can make recommendations for that treatment.

To arrange for an appointment, call 304-293-7331.
Referrals may be made by parents, physicians, or other care providers.  
To make a toll-free referral, call 800-842-3627. Ask for extension 293-7331.