We are a vibrant community dedicated to the discovery and transmission of new knowledge. Every year we educate over 1000 health care professionals and perform cutting-edge research in cardiovascular physiology and pharmacology, neural plasticity, and lung toxicology.
Our faculty are strongly committed to graduate student training and are major participants in three graduate programs:


Upcoming Seminar:

Thursday, April 2nd
Noon - 3067 HSN

Graduate Student
Richard McCosh
“Role of Somatosatin in the Regulation of Luteinizing Hormone Secretion in Sheep”
Advisor: Bob Goodman



National Institute for Ocupational Safety and Health



Center for Cardiovascular and Respiratory Sciences



Center for Neuroscience


Department of Physiology &  Pharmacology

Julie Betschart Symposium
Bryan Gall was awarded 1st Place.
"Genetic variations in GPSM3 and their role in rheumatoid arthritis"
Advisor: David Siderovski

Phoebe Stapleton, Ph.D., to study effects of nanomaterials during pregnancy.
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Folks Go Red for Women's Heart Health

Jeff Frisbee, Ph.D., published in American Journal of Physiology "Call for Papers"
Cardiovascular Consequences of Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes: Publication and Podcast

Julie Brefczynski-Lewis, Ph.D. featured in Washington Post.
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David Siderovski, Ph.D. and Vincent Setola, Ph.D. along with an international consortium of geneticists and clinicians help identify schizophrenia genes.
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