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Clinical Education - Overview

The clinical education program includes four phases of supervised clinical experience, as well as three clinical symposia designed to bridge the gap between the classroom and clinic. The program is progressive in the type and range of clinical responsibilities expected of each student and corresponds to the complexity of the didactic portion of the curriculum. In keeping with the Division's commitment to the needs of West Virginia, a rural/community-based rotation is required of all students. Participation in any clinical experience is contingent upon successful completion of the current and previous didactic clinical work.

PT 720: Clinical Education 1 - Spring semester, first year

This course includes a series of short observational experiences in a variety of clinical settings. The course is designed to introduce the students to the roles of the physical therapist in these settings, as well as the roles of other members of the health care team.

PT 730: Clinical Education Symposium 1 - Summer between first and second year

The course provides physical therapist students practice in applying the physical therapist patient/client management model and theories of disablement to clinical case studies, with an emphasis on cardiopulmonary illnesses.

PT 740: Clinical Education 2 - Fall semester, second year

Students practice basic clinical skills under direct supervision of licensed physical therapists in a series of part-time clinical experiences, and prepare for full-time clinical internships.

PT 760: Clinical Education 3 - Spring/Summer between second and third year

Students complete two full-time, eight-week clinical internships.

PT 770: Clinical Education Symposium 3 - Spring semester, third year

The case reports seminar is designed to provide students with an opportunity to integrate all previous course work and clinical experiences through selection and presentation of a patient case. Each student is required to present a patient case report based on a direct patient care experience that occurred during the final phase of his/her clinical education experience in PT 780

PT 780: Clinical Education 4 - Spring Semester, third year

Students complete two full-time, eight-week clinical internships.