Projects & Labs

Current projects include:

  • Validation of the Numeric Dizziness Scale and other tools in people with vestibular impairments
  • Concurrent validity of the Kinectâ„¢ and goniometry to measure shoulder motion post breast cancer surgery
  • Effects of implementing a developmental play program on outcomes in infants with long-term hospitalization
  • Reliability and validity of novel clinical tests to evaluate lumbar proprioception and kinesthesia
  • Factors influencing physical therapist workforce in rural, underserved areas
  • Hand therapy content in US Physical Therapist educational programs
  • Student satisfaction and outcomes with computer-assisted instruction and novel teaching methods
  • Validation of the PSFS in persons with upper extremity pathology
  • Outcomes of rehabilitation in rural stroke survivors
  • Effect of novel shoe inserts on gait parameters in older adults
  • Exercise prescription guidelines for children and adults with cystic fibrosis
  • Translating balance and fall prevention programs to rural Appalachian communities
  • Translating exercise guidelines for cancer survivors to rural communities
  • Effects of urinary incontinence on balance in women
  • Long-term functional outcomes of surgery for hand arthritis
  • Gait and Posturography: Age matched comparison between individuals with and without non-acute low back pain.

In addition, faculty member Valeriya Gritsenko and adjunct faculty member Dina Jones, have active labs involving graduate students from physical therapy, public health, computer science and bioengineering. Follow links to their specific sites.