Class Absence/tardiness And Participation

Absence from classes and/or consistent tardiness constitutes unprofessional behavior. Students are expected to be in class and on time. Instructors may report a student who is regularly late or absent to his/her advisor. Students are required to notify the main office (secretary) by phone 293-3610 or Email the main office and course instructor when they are absent due to illness or other circumstance. Please note, an instructor may require verification of the absence if an excused absence is to be given. Only students with excused absences may receive special assistance from the instructor with class work missed. Further rules for class and clinic attendance may be noted by an instructor. Make-up work and exams are at the discretion of the course instructor.

Students must actively participate in all lab sessions.

Students will not be excused from classes immediately preceding and following holidays except under unusual circumstances and only by the Chairperson of Physical Therapy. Absence without approval before or after designated academic holidays, breaks, or end of semester may result in lowering of the student's final course grade by one level (e.g., B to B-).