Student Assessment

Comprehensive Examination

The 3rd Year comprehensive examination serves as a summative assessment of student learning and a “mock board examination.” The exam is typically given the week following Thanksgiving break during the fall-term of the third year. The exam is a computerized comprehensive exam covering content learned during the curriculum. The exam consists of 250 objective (multiple choice) questions. Students have a maximum of 4.5 hours to complete the two-part examination (125 questions for each part). Each course coordinator will submit questions that are consistent with the objectives of the course and represent information determined to be important for board examination (NPTE) review. The examination will be tied to PT 765 (Evidence Based PT 5), which is designed to review key concepts and information and help to prepare students for the Comprehensive Exam and the NPTE. All students will be required to pass the written examination with a score of 70% or higher in order to pass PT 765 and progress to final full-time clinical affiliations. Students who fail to score a 70% or higher will be given one (1) opportunity to retake the comprehensive examination. The re-take examination will be offered no sooner than 2 weeks following the first attempt and must be taken prior to the start of spring-term clinical affiliations.

Graduate Exit Survey, One-Year Surveys, and Five-Year Surveys

Web-based surveys designed as summative program assessments. The Exit Survey will take place during the final week of classes before graduation. The One-Year and Five-Year Surveys will be e-mailed on or before May 10 of the year following graduation and 5 years following graduation.