Protein Core

The Biochemistry Protein Core Facility is located in the Department of Biochemistry in the Health Sciences Center at West Virginia University. This facility provides scientific and technical support for all researchers at West Virginia University in the area of protein expression, purification, and analysis. Members of the Protein Core are available for consultation on experimental design and provide services in the above areas as well as assistance in the preparation of data and methodology for publication. Services offered by the Protein Core include transformation of plasmids and expression of proteins using bacterial expression systems. One or two step protein purifications are also offered with a variety of columns on hand.


The Biochemistry Protein Core Facility offers the following Technical Services:

  1. Transformation of plasmids into bacterial expression systems
  2. Expression of proteins in bacterial cell expression systems
  3. Analytical and preparative scale expression of tagged recombinant proteins
  4. Purification of proteins from bacterial or baculovirus prepared pellet