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1st Year

1st Year Curriculum

The first-year curriculum includes fall, spring and summer terms that total to approximately 52 hours of academic credit.  There are approximately 20 scheduled instructional contact hours per week. Students must take courses in a specific order. 

The fall term includes CCMD 801 Medical Biochemistry and Cellular Function (integration of biochemistry and genetics), PALM 801 Human Structure (integration of human anatomy and histology), CCMD 811 Physical Diagnosis and Clinical Integration (PDCI) 1 and CCMD 802 Professional Development, which includes a full week of professional development activities designed to help students transition into the medical school curriculum. 

The spring term includes an introduction to the foundation of several basic sciences and begins aligning content areas across organ systems, starting with the nervous system. Students enroll in several courses, including MICB 812 Immunity, Infection and Disease 1, PALM 812 Mechanisms of Human Disease 1, PCOL 812 Medical Pharmacology 1, CCMD 812 Physical Diagnosis and Clinical Integration (PDCI) 2, CCMD 813 Neurosciences and Human Behavior, CCMS 814 Health Care Ethics, and CCMD 803 Problem-based Learning. 

The summer term includes two courses: CCMD 815 Career and Professional Development Experience and CCMD 816 Public Health.