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4th Year

4th Year Curriculum

The fourth year is partially structured and partially elective. Each student works with a faculty/professional staff adviser to select the program best suited to his/her abilities and goals. Thirty-four weeks in the fourth year consists of required and elective rotations (and two weeks preparation of USMLE Step 2).  Students must successfully complete the 34 weeks in order to graduate. Time for interviewing and vacation is in addition to the required 34 weeks. Twelve weeks of the fourth year are committed to required rotations. Required rotations must be completed with WVU faculty on one of our three campuses or at approved sites in West Virginia. The remainder of the fourth year, 20 weeks, consist of electives. In-state elective rotations selected must be approved by the MD Curriculum Committee. Students are limited to no more than 12 weeks of elective rotation time in the same specialty or subspecialty area. Elective research rotations (internal or external) are limited to 4 weeks and must have prior approval of the Committee on Academic and Professional Standards (CAPS).

CCMD 780 Hospital Care

  • Subinternship in Internal Medicine (available at Morgantown, Charleston, or Eastern Division campuses).  Also available at VA Centers in Clarksburg and Martinsburg, or
  • Subinternship in Surgery (available in Morgantown,Charleston, or Eastern Division campuses). Must be completed in an area of general/oncology or trauma/emergency surgery if at the Morgantown campus; trauma/emergency surgery or general surgery if at the Charleston campus; or general surgery if at the Eastern Division campus. Surgical subspecialties will not fulfill this requirement), or
  • Subinternship in Pediatrics (available at Morgantown or Charleston campus), or
  • Subinternship in Family Medicine (available at Morgantown, Charleston, and Eastern Division campuses).  Also available at UHC in Clarksburg and Wheeling Hospital. 

CCMD 780 Hospital Care - Subinternship


Two weeks of Anesthesiology and 2 weeks of one of the following; MICU, PICU, SICU, or NICU. 

CCMD 783 Step 2 Clinical Skills Prep

CCMD 784 Anesthesiology Clerkship

Two weeks of Anesthesiology

CCMD 781 Rural Health Community-Based Care

A four-week non-campus based clinical rotation at a West Virginia site approved by the School of Medicine.  Location and dates are approved by a campus-based Associate Dean for Student Services. 

CCMD 795 Independent Study Electives

20 weeks

CCMD 777 USMLE Step 2 Prep

Taken prior to the deadline for testing set by the Committee on Academic and Professional Standards (CAPS) or no credit will be given. If this time is not used prior to the test date, then students will be required to complete an additional 2-week elective to meet the graduation requirements. This time may not fall during one of the required rotations.


Interviewing, vacation , etc.

Questions about scheduling, including rotations for non-WVU School of Medicine students should be addressed to:

Contact Christina Politte for Morgantown rotations.
Contact Charissa Davis for rotations with the Charleston Division.
Contact Jane Horst for rotations with the Eastern Division.