National Doctors' Day

A message from Clay Marsh, M.D.

This month marks a special time of recognition and celebration for individuals who have chosen to practice medicine.

On National Doctors’ Day, March 30, we celebrate the dedication and compassionate care that transforms patients’ lives.Pursing the path of a physician is rooted in a deep sense of purpose. I chose to study medicine as a way to serve others. The Dalai Lama reminds us that the two ways to true fulfillment are in 1) the service of others; and 2) the recognition of the deep interconnection of all people and all things. In addition, Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore wrote, “I slept and dreamed life was joy. I awoke and saw that life is service. I acted and behold, service is joy.”My purpose has evolved from my time as a student at WVU, but it is still founded in service. As we are each part of a bigger whole, I now see that my purpose is to learn and grow to reach my highest potential and to help others do the same. As chancellor and executive dean for Health Sciences, it gives me incredible joy to be able to continue that journey every day.On March 11, more than 100 students in School of Medicine’s Class of 2025 for the John W. Traubert White Coat Ceremony as they marked their transition from foundational science to clinical care. During the ceremony, each second-year student received a handwritten note with words of inspiration, encouragement and advice of from a WVU alum that was placed in the pocket of their coat – another symbol of the white coat serving as a cloak of compassion. One week later, on March 17, our graduating medical students celebrated Match Day with their peers, families, faculty members and friends on the Morgantown, Charleston and Eastern campuses as they learned in which U.S. residency programs they will continue their training. Our 108 students were placed in 21 different specialties across 21 states. I hope each of you – whether you just entered medical school, are a practicing physician or have retired and taken on new pursuits – take time to reflect on your purpose and the impact you are making on individuals and in your communities. Thank you for your commitment to learning and for your remarkable efforts toward improving education and health care in West Virginia.Happy Doctors’ Day.Clay Marsh, M.D.Chancellor and Executive DeanWVU Health Sciences

To our providers

Thank you for all that you do to keep your patients, our communities and our country healthy.

To our healthcare providers, thank you for all that you do to make a difference for your patients each and every day. We appreciate the countless hours of education, certification, training and development you undertake to help and empower your patients.

Our communities benefit from your vital expertise, and West Virginia is healthier and better for the talented doctors leading the charge for care.

Healthcare truly is a team sport, one that requires a large and diverse roster of players with a variety of unique backgrounds, experiences, and expertise.

Our WVU doctors, who would be the first to say they could not do it alone, are joined by a broader team on the field, and together that team carries the full weight of caring for our patients.

Today -- and every day -- we thank you.

WVU Medicine employs more than 1,000 active medical staff members.

Thank a Doc

Looking for a way to honor a doctor that changed your life?

WVU Medicine joins hospitals across the country in observing National Doctors’ Day. We encourage you to join us in showing gratitude for our doctors and other frontline healthcare workers with a gift to the Grateful Patients, Families and Friends program. Your contribution bolsters patient services, equipment and treatment programs to benefit future patients. Your generosity also honors the dedication of WVU Medicine healthcare professionals to provide exceptional care amid the most challenging circumstances.

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Meet your future doctors

The M.D. program's fourth-year medical students have placed in residency programs across the country.

Forty three percent of West Virginia University’s graduating medical students will remain in West Virginia for their residency programs. The placement announcements were made as part of the University’s Match Day celebration, Friday, March 17, on the Morgantown, Charleston and Eastern campuses.

Match Day is a national celebration where medical students learn in which U.S. residency programs they will train for the next three to seven years. For WVU’s School of Medicine, the celebration unites more than 110 students, families, faculty members and friends on the three campuses as they unveil their “match.”

For students, the Residency Match process begins in the final year of medical school, when they apply to the residency training programs of their choice. Following interviews at programs across the country, applicants and program directors rank each other in order of preference and submit those lists to the National Resident Matching Program, which processes them using a computerized mathematical algorithm to “match” them.

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WVU boasts 500+ residents and fellows