Academic Standards

Policy for Grades and Academic Standards in Graduate School

Masters students must achieve a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or better to graduate. Any letter grade less than a "B" is considered unsatisfactory because it is "Substandard for graduate students" at West Virginia University (West Virginia University Graduate Catalogue). ALL graduate courses should have a letter grade of "B" or better and ALL EXPH courses must have a letter grade of "B" or better to graduate. The graduate policy for Exercise Physiology is that for graduation, students can obtain a maximum of one (1) "C" in a non-EXPH course. If a student obtains a "C" in an EXPH course, the student must retake that course and/or take another appropriate replacement course as approved by the student’s advisor and graduate committee, and obtain a grade of "B" or better in that course before being certified for graduation. For example, if a student obtained a "C" in EITHER (not both) STAT 511 or PCOL 549 in the masters curriculum and the student's cumulative GPA was 3.0 or above, the student could still graduate. If the student obtained a letter grade of "C" in EXPH 673, he/she must retake the class even if their GPA is above 3.0.