How to Apply

Application Process

Applications for the Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology program are due by January 15, each year.

Please review, complete the information, and apply online.

We select up to fifteen students each spring for admittance into the Master of Science Program. The application and the three recommendation/evaluation sheets are due by January 15. At that time, the Exercise Physiology Admissions Committee will review all applicants and select up to 15 students to interview for the clinical track and 4-5 students to interview for the thesis track. The selection is based on overall grade point average, science grade point average, and recommendations. The thesis track selections will also depend on the availability of faculty mentors. The GRE examination is also required as part of the application process. Letters to all applicants will be mailed out during the month of April (or before if available). The Committee will select alternates who will be given a rank indicating the order of admittance. It is very likely that several of the alternates will be accepted into the program. As each position comes available, we will notify the next alternate in line to determine if they would like to accept a position. Many times, we have sent acceptance letters to alternates as late as August.

Click here for the GRE (required) and TOEFL (for international applications)

An official record of GRE general examination (the WVU Institution Code for the GRE is R5904) must be submitted. A minimum GRE score  of 300 (verbal + quantitative) is currently recommended.  A minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or greater is recommended.

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One official transcript from each college attended is needed in the application.

The recommendation/evaluation sheets should be on official professional letter head and they are to be directly uploaded by the recommender to the university admissions web site. These letters can also be mailed directly by the recommender to this office and we can input this to the web application site if needed. You may obtain more than three recommendations if you wish. That address has been printed at the bottom of the sheets. It is in your best interest to follow up on your recommendations. Please check with your references and make certain they have been mailed or have been uploaded to the university admissions site on time. Also, include a statement of your goals in obtaining the MS in Exercise Physiology with your application (this is to be uploaded on the admissions web site). You must send all transcripts of undergraduate and/or graduate coursework (as paper copies) to the Admission and Records office. You can also upload the transcripts yourself (scan them in and upload them to the “Supplemental Material” “Other” subsection on the web application) but this will be viewed as “unofficial transcripts” until the paper copies arrive directly from the university where you attended. The Admissions and Records office will only accept originals with school seals (or on official forms). If you are a WVU undergraduate/graduate student, those transcripts will be sent automatically. Students with coursework from other schools must have those transcripts sent to the Admissions office.

Graduate stipends

Most thesis track students will receive a graduate assistantship. However, clinical track students should apply for a graduate assistantship by completing the following document (Fillable Application for Graduate Assistantship-2013.pdf) and submit this completed form in the “Other” category of the online application.

If you have any further questions, please complete the web information request at . You can also feel free to contact our office at (304) 293-7767.