Thesis Track

Photo of exercise physiology student working with a faculty member in a laboratory.Thesis Track

The thesis track is a two-year program and is designed for students who wish to engage in an intensive research training experience in preparation for further training in a Ph.D., MD or similar postgraduate program.  Students in the track select a research mentor and committee from faculty within the Division of Exercise Physiology (or an affiliated group) based on their research interests.  The first year consists of didactic coursework while learning the necessary research skills and tools to conduct research.  In the second year, students can focus heavily on all aspects of research and the production and oral defense of a research thesis.  

The faculty who will act as primary mentors in exercise physiology have research and/or clinical expertise in:

  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Motor unit recruitment in stroke and disability
  • Biomechanical and motor control for gait in stroke or spinal cord injury
  • Muscle injury and repair
  • Cancer cachexia and muscle wasting diseases
  • Aging and sarcopenia in skeletal muscle
  • Cardiac and skeletal muscle growth and function
  • Vascular dysfunction with metabolic diseases
  • Physiologic basis of lung disease
  • Exercise-induced angiogenesis
  • Stem cell biology and mechanical signal and tissue regeneration
  • Arthritis control and exercise
  • Aquatic Therapy applications to health and disease