Vice, Associate, and Assistant Deans

Morgantown Campus

Vice Dean for Clinical Affairs, Chief Medical Officer of WVU Healthcare

Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs

Vice Dean for Education and Academic Affairs, Chair, Department of Medical Education

A photo of Norman Ferrari.
Norman D. Ferrari, MD
West Virginia University
Chair, Medical Education
Vice Dean for Medical Education, Student Services
Professor, Medicine
Professor, Pediatrics
Designated Institution Official for Transitional Year Residency Program, Transitional Year Residency Program

Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education

Associate Dean for Faculty Services

Associate Dean for Finance

Associate Dean of Faculty and Practice Plan Affairs

Vice Dean for Professional & Undergraduate Programs

Senior Associate Vice President for Health Sciences Research & Graduate Education

Associate Dean for Student Services and Curriculum

Associate Dean for Admissions

A photo of Linda Nield.
Linda S. Nield, MD
West Virginia University
Professor, Pediatrics
Associate Dean of Admissions, Medical Education

Assistant Dean for Medical Education Technology

A photo of Dorian Williams.
Dorian Williams, MD, FAAFP, CHSE
West Virginia University
Assistant Dean for Technology and Simulation, Medical Education
Medical Director, WV STEPS
Professor, Family Medicine

Vice President of Clinical Programs

Assistant Vice President for Graduate Education

 Assistant Vice President for Research

A photo of Albert Berrebi.
Albert S Berrebi, PhD
West Virginia University
Professor, Department of Neuroscience
Assistant Vice President for Research, Research & Graduate Education
Professor, Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute (SOM)
Member, WVU Cancer Institute Research Programs