COPD/Asthma Clinic

Director: Shaylee Peckens, MD

The prevalence of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in West Virginia is 8%, the 4th highest in the nation.[1] Approximately 13.7% of West Virginia adults have ever been diagnosed with asthma, and 9.6% of West Virginia adults currently had asthma.[2] West Virginia is presently ranked 50th as a state in smoking rates with nearly 27.4% of the population as current smokers.[3] Nationally, COPD accounted for $50 Billion in total costs in 2010.[4]

The COPD/Asthma Clinic was created in the spring of 2015. The inter-professional team includes a faculty physician, pharmacist, dietician/smoking cessation counselor, respiratory therapist (when available), medical students, and pharmacy students at all levels. It is offered once weekly on Friday afternoons.

COPD clinic variables include a COPD Assessment Test (to evaluate the severity of symptoms), Nicotine Dependence Survey, and in-office spirometry when needed. The team works effectively to care for all aspects of COPD: assessing patient goals and barriers, medication adherence and affordability, and smoking cessation.

For more information, please contact Shaylee Peckens, MD

A photo of Shaylee Peckens.

Shaylee Peckens, MD

West Virginia University
Assistant Professor, Director of Department Quality, Family Medicine

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