Cardiology Fellow Scholarly Activity

Chalak Berzingi, MD


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Chetan Khamare, MD


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  • Arachidonic acid-induced vascular thromboxane generation in mouse models of atherothrombotic vascular disease. Jefferson Frisbee, Milinda James, Adam Goodwill and Chetan Khamare. The FASEB Journal. 2007;21:743.17.

Deepak Khanna, MD


  • Khanna D, Kan H, Fang Q, Xie Z, Underwood BL, Jain AC, Williams HJ, Finkel MS. Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase Attentuates Adrenergic Signaling in Alcohhol Fed Rats. J Cardiovascular Pharmacology, 2007 Dec; 50(6): 692 – 696
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  • Khanna D, Sinha A, Gupta R, Nanda NC, Sidhu M, Vengala S. Transesophageal and Transpharyngeal Ultrasound Demonstration of Reversed Diastolic Flow in Aortic Arch Branches and Neck Vessels in Severe Aortic Regurgitation. Echocardiography 2004; 21:349-353.

Puneet Sharma, MD


  • Fang Q, Kan H, Lewis , Chen F, Sharma P, Finkel MS. Dilated Cardiomyopathy in Transgenic Mice Expressing HIV Tat. Cardiovasc Toxicol. 2009 Ma;9(1):39-45. Epub2009 Apr 1.