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Start Early and Finish Early

Get in, Get out and Get Going to that Job!

Beginning with the summer before your sophomore year of high school, eligible students can begin taking courses toward completing the Health Informatics and Information Management (HIIM) degree.

Students will an overall high school grade point average of 3.0 are eligible for the WVU  high school ACCESS program.  This wonderful opportunity offers 26 credits hours of required courses needed to complete the HIIM degree.

Whether or not you are able to complete all or some of the courses, you will be closer to graduating early and getting a jump start on joining the workforce.  Some students may be able to complete one year of required courses and graduate in three years!

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Courses Offered

English 101 & 102 (Introduction to Composition & Rhetoric) - 6 credits

Biology 102 & 104 (General Biology with lab) - 4 credits

Computer Science 101 (Introduction to Computer Applications) - 4 credits

Statistics 111 (Understanding Statistics) - 3 credits

PALM 200 (Medical Terminology) - 3 credits

HiIM 110 (Introduction to U.S. Heatlhcare Delivery Systems) - 3 credits

HIIM 112 (Fundamentals Health Information Management) - 3 credits