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Kanawha County Newborn and Infant Toppers Project - Charleston, WV (KNIT Project)

Mission Statement:

To promote a lifelong dedication to the completion of benevolent acts and humanitarian activities, by providing an outlet through which members are encouraged to express their talents and creativity by knitting/crocheting/sewing hats (i.e. “Toppers”) that will bring warmth and comfort to pediatric patients in need.


Article I: Name

The name of this organization shall be:

Kanawha County Newborn and Infant Toppers Project - Charleston, WV (KNIT Project)

Article II: Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be: to foster the creativity of students, to help students learn techniques and skills (e.g. crocheting, knitting, sewing), and to encourage the dedication of their time and application of their talents, creating caps/hats (“Toppers”) for the community, including but not limited to pediatric patients in the service area of Kanawha County and the state of West Virginia.

Article III: Goals/Objectives

The goals/objectives set out by KNIT Project are as follows:

  1. To provide a medium for students to express their creativity and utilize their skills for the benefit of others in need
  2. To promote completion of humanitarian projects
  3. To support extracurricular activities that foster team building and networking amongst colleagues and peers
  4. To encourage and foster lifetime dedication towards achieving humanitarian goals

Article IV: Group Activities/Meetings

The group activities/meetings for KNIT Project shall follow these guidelines:

  1. Per academic year, training/tutorial sessions may be held as members deem necessary. The sessions may be facilitated by a student, faculty, or volunteer.
  2. At least one regular meeting of the organization shall be held per academic year.
  3. Meetings may be called by the organization’s President or by any person serving on the Executive Board.
  4. The group will establish goals yearly, including but not limited to, creating crocheted and knitted hats for infant/newborn pediatric patients in Kanawha County.

Article V: Membership

  1. Eligibility
    1. Any student, faculty member, or staff at West Virginia University and/or the CAMC Healthcare System is eligible for membership.
    2. Community volunteers may attend group activities and meetings and participate in group goals as the Executive Board deems appropriate.
    3. This organization shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, gender, sexual orientation, or disability.

Article VI: Governing Board

  1. Executive Board
    1. All elected officers shall serve on the Executive Board.
    2. Members of the Executive Board may create and remove officer positions as the need arises.
    3. The Executive Board must include a President. All other positions may or may not be filled depending on student interest or need.
  2. Selection of officers
    1. Selection of officers will be appointed from the founding members of KNIT Project for the first year of its existence.
  3. Duties of officers:
    1. President(s)
      1. The President shall preside over all meetings, serve the needs of the organization as executive officer, and has the authority to authorize expenditures.
      2. In the absence of a willing member to be the secretary officer, the president shall serve as the Treasurer and complete all the Treasurer duties and responsibilities.
    2. Vice President(s)
      1. The Vice President shall assist the President with his/her duties and responsibilities; serve as acting President if the President is temporarily unavailable for meetings or events, or in the event of resignation or removal of the President. In the aforementioned circumstances, the Vice President shall be permitted to authorize expenditures.
    3. Treasurer
      1. The Treasurer shall keep a record of expenses, plan the annual budget, provide financial reports, and provide a copy of financial records to the school accounting office.
    4. Secretary
      1. The Secretary shall prepare meeting agendas; keep minutes of the meetings; and be responsible dispersing meeting information and group activity details to all members via email.
    5. Other officer positions and chairperson positions will be created or taken away at the discretion of the Executive Board, as deemed appropriate.
  4. Removal of officers
    1. A majority vote from student members is required to remove an officer.
    2. The motion for removal must be submitted to and approved by the Faculty Advisor(s) before becoming effective.
    3. An election for a new officer should be conducted at the next scheduled meeting.
  5. Faculty Advisor
    1. The Advisor will be subject to the Faculty Advisor Guidelines set forth by the WVU Medical Student Organization Department of Student Services.

Article VII: Funds

Any and all funds or donated materials acquired by KNIT Project through school funding, donations or fundraising events shall be utilized at the discretion of the Executive Board and Faculty Advisor(s) provided that its utilization will fulfill the objectives of the organization. Use of funds includes, but is not limited to the purchase of materials, crating supplies, the cost of shipping and handling necessary in the dissemination of projects, travel expenses, special events, promotion/advertising, and other functions pertinent to KNIT Project. 

Article VIII: Amendments

A proposed amendment to the constitution by a member of the organization will be accepted after receiving three-quarters of votes in its favor.

2019 Organization Officers

  • President(s): To be determined among founding members
  • Vice President(s): To be determined among founding members
  • Treasurer: To be determined among founding members
  • Secretary: To be determined among founding members
  • Faculty Advisor(s): Beth Emrick

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