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Multicultural Association for Students in Healthcare (MASH)


The multicultural students of West Virginia University (WVU), working to promote better understanding among themselves, as well as between them and non-minority students, hereby declare to combine their efforts in an organization to be called "the Multicultural Association for Students in Healthcare" (MASH) in order to establish a group of like-minded individuals that will continue to further these objectives.



The name of this association shall be The Multicultural Association for Students in Healthcare.


  1. To stimulate discussions of minority issues in healthcare;
  2. To create a space where students from different cultural backgrounds can feel safe;
  3. To promote a sense of community between students from different cultural backgrounds;
  4. To connect students from different WVU Health Sciences programs;
  5. To host events that promote understanding of different cultures and the unique set of issues patients and healthcare providers from different cultures face.


Membership shall be open to all persons with an interest in the MASH, irrespective of race, color, sex, age, religion, ideology, political affiliation, national origin, handicap, veteran status, or sexual orientation.

There shall be three types of membership: active members, associate members, and honorary members. Only active members can vote and can hold an executive position.

  1. Active membership shall consist of any WVU part-time or full-time, professional students and are characterized by the following criteria in the following order:
    Members that have attended a minimum of 2 general body meetings and/or have participated and helped organize various events that MASH has held during the academic year.
  2. Associate membership shall be conferred upon application, or request to the persons who are not WVU students, but who have shown genuine interest in the MASH.
  3. Honorary membership shall be open to former members of the association upon departure or graduation from WVU, and to persons who supported MASH with outstanding services as determined by the members of the association.


The Executive Board: the executive board shall be composed of the following officers and non-executive officers shall be elected at the beginning of each academic school year.

Executive Board

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer

Non-Executive Board

  1. Events Coordinator(s)
  2. Public Relations
  3. Outreach Coordinator
  4. Health Science Program Representative
    1. No more than 2 from each health science program represented within the organization



  1. Shall actively participate in activities and programs of the association
  2. Shall attend general meetings convened by the executive council
  3. Shall act according to articles of the constitution of the Multicultural Association for Students in Healthcare
  4. Shall discuss and adopt at the beginning of each academic semester a tentative program of activities



  1. Shall preside at all meetings of the organization and all Board meetings
  2. Shall organize meetings and approve organization events
  3. Shall be the official representative and chief spokesperson for the association


  1. In the temporary absence of the president, the vice president shall exercise and perform the duties of the president.
  2. Shall serve as the liaison between University officials and the Association
  3. Shall ensure that non-executive officers are actively performing their constitutional duties.


  1. Shall keep the minutes of the organization meetings
  2. Shall be the custodian of records and conduct correspondence
  3. Shall notify all members of organization meetings
  4. Shall be responsible for updating the MASH email list every semester


  1. Shall be authorized to collect all monies payable to the organization
  2. Shall be charged with keeping the funds of the organization, and from such funds shall make the necessary disbursements.
  3. Shall keep the club's financial accounts and shall enter in detail all receipts and disbursements

Description of Goals, Purpose, Activities:

The purpose of MASH is to create a community for minority students in the healthcare field. MASH hopes to create an environment in which both minority and non-minority students can safely discuss the unique set of issues and experiences that both minority healthcare professionals and minority patients face. The goal of MASH is to create opportunities for constructive and informative discussions and activities that lead to greater understanding of minorities in healthcare.

2020 - 2021 Organization Officers

President: Elizabeth Williams -
Vice President: Sara Berzingi -
Secretary: Yves Paul Mbous -
Treasurer: Uchenna Okakpu --
Public Relations: Imalisse Alejandro -
Social Medial Director: 
Outreach Coordinator:
Student Advisor: Dianne Techwei -
Faculty Sponsor:  Candice M. Brown - 

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