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West Virginia Military Medicine Interest Group

Charter and Constitution

Article 1: Organization Name

  • West Virginia University School of Medicine Military Medicine Interest Group (MMIG)

Article 2: Mission

  • Foster solidarity among West Virginia University School of Medicine Students (WVUSoM) interested in military medicine, to include prior service, military sponsored, and non-affiliated students alike.
  • Generate awareness of medical advancements made by the military healthcare system and the application of these innovations to improvement of patient care in the civilian realm.
  • Promote the involvement and contributions of military medical services to humanitarian, emergency and relief efforts both in the U.S. and internationally.
  • Expand the resources available to medical students eager to learn about a medical career in the armed forces, military-sponsored medical programs, GME opportunities, and military residency match procedures.
  • Convey the unique role and responsibilities medical officers face as both medical professionals and military officers.
  • Create exercises in teamwork and field training, which develop proficiencies required for active duty service, while focusing on principles essential in all healthcare communities.
  • Develop a sustainable network with faculty mentors who have served as military physicians and can provide insight to the unique benefits and challenges of military medicine, and the responsibilities of military medical officers.
  • Actively participate in our university, healthcare, and local communities through education, volunteerism and community service.
  • To keep an active roster of current and past WVUSoM military members for contact with current members of MMIG to offer support and guidance with military medicine as a field.

Article 3: Membership and Eligibility Criteria

  • Membership is open to any WVUSoM student, resident, staff member or physician within the WVU Healthcare. Members are self-selected based on interest in the organization.

Article 4: Structure and Leadership

The Military Medicine Interest Group Leadership shall consist of an Executive Committee, Secretary, and Treasurer. New officers are to be selected in the spring semester of each year, and serve for one full year, until the following spring. Officers are permitted to seek more than one term in office, if desired. Requirements and responsibilities of each office are as follows:

Executive Committee

  • The Executive Committee shall consist of three to six members appointed via a majority vote by members of MMIG.
  • Appointment is limited to Active Duty or Reserve Officers of the United States Military and shall not exceed two Officers from any given branch.
  • Duties of the Executive Committee consist of:
    • Organizing MMIG meetings and events.
    • Maintaining MMIG as a viable and relevant student organization.
    • Appointing or arranging for election of additional officers, as necessary.
    • Meetings: Organizational meetings will be scheduled on an as-needed basis and announced via e-mail.
  • Secretary
  • Appointment is open to any MMIG member and shall be by majority vote of members of MMIG.
  • Duties of the office consist of:
    • Maintaining the group's membership and roster.
    • Maintaining correspondence between the Executive Committee and MMIG members.
    • Notating and maintaining a record of minutes for each meeting.
    • Assist the Executive Committee in organizing events when necessary and appropriate.
  •  Treasurer
    • Appointment is open to any MMIG member and shall be by majority vote of members of MMIG.
    • Duties of the office consist of:
    • Oversee funds and fundraising of MMIG.
    • Assist the Executive Committee in organizing events when necessary and appropriate.

Article 5: Amendment Procedures

Amendments to this constitution may be proposed by any individual or group of members and will become effective if accepted by a majority of the MMIG membership. This constitution shall be reviewed and approved annually and kept on file in accordance with WVUSoM policy.

  • Organization Name:
    • West Virginia University Military Medicine Interest Group
  • Bylaws
    • Attached
  • Description of goals, purpose, and activities
    • Goals and purpose can be found in our attached mission statement. Activities to include, but are not limited to, a monthly lunch meeting that may feature a guest speaker, discussions about military life, military residences, military careers or general military medicine, or any topic in accordance to the mission of MMIG. Activities will also include an event for advocating or advancing military or veterans affairs. Biannual physical readiness test (PRT) similar to what is encountered on active duty will be performed in an informal setting.

Officers 2019 - 2020

Student Council

  • Anna Raymond - araymon1@mix.wvu.edu

  • Brian Donaldson - bwdonaldson@mix.wvu.edu

  • William Woodall - wjw0012@mix.wvu.edu

Faculty Sponsor

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