Community Outreach

The clinic’s multidisciplinary team is involved in various community outreach projects. MWM received a Medicine Department Innovations Grant for MWM’s WVU Medicine Produce Prescription Program. In this program, MWM will distribute produce to clinic patients with education on growing and cooking plants. Medical Weight Management runs a Facebook support group which has increased in membership 99% in one year. Dr. Haggerty is the Medical Director for WVU’s Walk With a Future Doc (WWAD) which is a series of community walks. Registered Dietitian Cathy Shaw hosts a blog. Numerous team members have given talks, interviews, or written articles that have educated the public on the following topics:

  • Bariatric Surgery Myths
  • Falling in love with a healthier you
  • Effects of chronic disease on weight
  • 5 Tips to enjoy a healthy Halloween that won’t frighten away your weight goals
  • Oh my gourd, it’s October!
  • Healthy Harrison Podcast, Obesity (Healthy Harrison Podcast)
  • AHA Dietary Guidelines