Department of Medicine :
Section of Pulmonary Critical Care and Sleep Medicine

The Pulmonary Critical Care and Sleep Medicine Section evaluates and manages disorders of the respiratory system and cares for critically ill adult patients. Active inpatient and outpatient services are maintained.


  • To provide highest level of care to our patients with critical illness, lung and sleep disorders in the most compassionate, cost effective and innovative way possible.
  • To promote collaboration with allied specialties in creating clinical care pathways and research to better understand, prevent, detect and manage respiratory disorders
  • To provide a supportive and healthy learning environment which promotes enquiry and innovation for our trainees to be outstanding clinicians, researchers and leaders.


To transform care of respiratory medicine by:

  • Unwavering focus on prevention, education and early detection of respiratory diseases and combating advanced respiratory and sleep disease states through niche programs
  • Provide expanded access to respiratory health care through innovative means to eliminate health care disparity
  • Produce not only outstanding clinicians, researchers but leaders in pulmonary medicine
  • Create a center of excellence in collaborative research in respiratory disorders, including public and private sector partnerships for a healthier community and region