Public Health

PRECEPTOR: Diana Gaviria, MD, MPH 
ADDRESS: Washington County Department of Public Health, 1302 Pennsylvania Ave, Hagerstown, MD 21742
LOCATION OF ELECTIVE: 1302 Pennsylvania Ave, Hagerstown, MD but also various locations in Washington County for inspections and presentations
CATEGORY: Outpatient Clinic
OFFERED: Intermittently


The students will learn to:

  1. understand the breadth of activities of a local health department and the role of a public health physician
  2. understand the interactions with and resources available to clinicians through public health and local health departments
  3. gain a greater understanding of the entire community health network, governmental and nongovernmental, by speaking with and observing some key partners of the health department and participating in health department community outreach

Methods to Achieve Objectives

observation of health department staff in their activities, participation in clinics and community outreach, readings, meeting with key partners, attendance at community meetings etc. with health officer

Examination Procedures and Evaluation Criteria

  • Daily Observation X
  • Written Testing
  • Oral Testing
  • Other (level of participation)
  • Criteria for a satisfactory grade: Satisfactory participation in all assignments