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Nutrition Solutions for Chronic Medical Diseases

LOCATION: Online via Health Meets Food Website and SOLE
PRECEPTOR: Madison Humerick, MD
DURATION: 2 weeks minimum
OFFERED: Continuously
MAXIMUM ENROLLMENT: 3 Students (WVU Students Only)
STATUS: Elective 


The purpose of this online elective is to expose students to nutrition principles that can be applied to common medical conditions seen by all specialties of medicine. The online course was designed so that students learn about nutrition related to common medical conditions through online modules during a 2 week elective. Each module includes a recorded lecture, required readings, a brief quiz, and reflection questions. After completing 2 core modules (Introduction to Culinary Medicine and Food Access in Underserved Populations), students will complete 6 additional modules according to their specific interests. There are 29 modules for students to choose from, some of which include Weight Management, Fats, Food Allergy, GI Disorders, Eating Disorders, The Pediatric Diet, HTN, Pregnancy, PCOS, Cancer; HIV, and Food and Neurocognition. Students will also be expected to choose a few recipes from the modules to prepare at home to put their knowledge into practice.

Patient Care:

N/A - There is no direct patient care in this elective.  It is completed online

Medical Knowledge:

  1. Understand basic nutrition principles
  2. Understand nutrition recommendations for a variety of medical conditions
  3. Demonstrate the understanding of these nutrition principles and recommendations by responding to reflection questions that contain patient scenarios of common medical conditions

Practice-Based Learning:

  1. Review evidence from scientific studies related to nutritional research
  2. Display knowledge of evidence based guidelines to assist patients in self-management of common medical conditions by responding to reflection questions after each module

Communication Skills:

  1. Communicate evidence based nutritional interventions in plain language easily understood by patients by responding to reflection questions at the end of each module.
  2. Demonstrate sensitivity to bias and responsiveness in dealing with unique, sensitive patient issues (regarding weight, mental illness - i.e. eating disorders) by responding to reflection questions at the end of each module


  1. Complete the required material and quizzes in a timely manner
  2. Adequately answering the reflection questions (i.e. actively engaging in the self-directed learning process)

Systems-Based Practice:

  1. Understand socioeconomic barriers to nutrition and overall health in West Virginia by completing the Food Access in Underserved Populations module
  2. Convey understanding of current food policy concerns in the state of WV by responding to reflection questions on the Food Access Module


Online lectures, readings, reflection questions and food preparation at home


Formal Assessment: By the end of the first week, the students’ progress will be tracked to make sure they have started the curriculum materials. 2 modules must be completed by the first week - that includes the quizzes, required readings, and response to the reflection questions for those modules

Summative Assessment: 

  1. Students will complete 2 required modules (Food Access and Introduction to Culinary Medicine) and 6 additional modules of their choice on the Health Meets Food website. Review of the completed quizzes and reflection questions after each module will be used to assess students understanding of the material.
  2. Students will prepare 3 of the recipes found on the Health Meets Food site related to the modules they completed in the 2 week elective. They will upload pictures of the recipes that they prepare to the course site on SOLE so that credit may be given for completion.


One week prior to the beginning of your rotation, you must notify Dr. Madison Humerick by email (humerickm@wvumedicine.org) of your intention to start this Nutrition Elective. The student will then receive an informational email with instructions for accessing Health Meets Food and a list of elective requirements.