Center for Basic and Translational Stroke Research

The mission of this center is to understand and develop treatments for brain inflammation and cell death that result from stroke or other neural injuries, such as traumatic brain injury. The CBTSR has strong programs in the cellular basis for brain inflammation, signaling pathways that mediate cell death, and blood/brain barrier structure and function. A key focus of this group is on rehabilitation following neural injury based on fundamental understanding of motor control circuitry and exploration of the brain/machine interface.

Faculty Members

Candice Brown, PhD

Chris Cifarelli, MD, PhD

Elizabeth Engler-Chiurazzi, PhD

Werner Geldenhuys, PhD

Valeriya Gritsenko, PhD

Jason D Huber, PhD

Gregory W Konat, PhD

Justin Legleiter, PhD

Paul Lockman, PhD

Gordon P Meares, PhD

Diane Miller, PhD

James P O'Callaghan, PhD

Xuefang "Sophie" Ren, MD

James W Simpkins, PhD - Group Leader

Cole Vonder Haar, PhD

Edwin Wan, PhD

Sergiy Yakovenko, PhD