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Common Core Coursework
BMS 700 - Scientific Integrity (2 hours) 
BMS 702 - Biomedical Lab Experience (2 hours) 
BMS 706 - Biomedical Research Methods (1 hour) 
BMS 707 - Experiential Learning for Biomedical Trainees (2 hours) 
BMS 720 - Scientific Writing (2 hours) 
BMS 747 - Foundations for Contemporary Biomedical Research 1 (4 hours) 
BMS 777 - Foundations for Contemporary Biomedical Research 2 (4 hours)

Neuroscience Coursework
NSCI 593A - Human Functional Neuroanatomy (3 hours) 
NSCI 770 - Fundamentals of Neuroscience 1 (6 hours) 
NSCI 760 - Neuroscience Journal Club (1 hour)
NSCI 761 - Neuroscience Research Forum (1 hour) 
NSCI 793AProseminar in Behavioral Neuroscience (4 hours)
NSCI 797 - Research (1-15 hours) 
Electives (3 hours) 
Written Rigor of Prior Research
F31+ Document and Oral Defense
Dissertation Defense

Total hours: 87

Neuroscience Graduate Catalog: http://catalog.wvu.edu/graduate/schoolofmedicine/neuroscience/#text 
Handbook - PDF provided 

Possible electives for the Neuroscience Graduate Program

BIOC 750 (4cr): Protein Chemistry/Enzymology - Spring semester
BIOC 751 (3cr): Advanced Molecular Biology - Spring semester
BIOC 791A (1-6cr): ADTP: Cell Biology - Spring semester
BIOL 493C (3cr): SPTP: Neurogenetics of Behavior - Fall semester
BIOS 601 (3cr): Applied Biostatistics 1 - Fall semester
BIOS 602 (1cr): Applied Biostatistics Lab - Fall semester
BIOS 603 (3cr): Applied Biostatistics 2 - Spring semester
BMEG 601 (3cr): Numerical and Statistical Methods for Biomedical Engineering - Fall semester
BMS 751 (3cr): Molecular Biology - Spring semester
BMS 793F (3cr): Bench to Bedside to Community - Spring semester
EXPH 693G (3cr): SPTP: Advanced Neuromechanics - Fall semester
JRL 593D (3cr): Health and Science Writing - Spring semester
PSYC 650 (3cr): Behavioral Neuroscience Methods - Spring semester, odd years
PSYC 722 (3cr): Biological Aspects of Behavior - Fall semester, odd yrs
PSYC 724 (4cr): Advanced Neuroscience - Spring semester, odd years
PSYC 728 (3cr): Hormones and Behavior - Spring semester, odd years
Neurobiology of Aging (no course number yet) - Summer semester

NGP Handbook

COVID HSC Professionalism Policy