An annual research day is held each year to present resident research projects. All residents are required to complete a publishable project during their four years at WVU. These required projects are presented along with any other abstracts or papers completed during the previous year. Additionally, a prominent guest speaker is invited for a research related presentation and to help select the awards from the top three entries. Monetary awards are made to the top research presentation(s).

Our Resident Research Day and 27th  Annual Palladino Lectureship was held on April 26, 2019.  The guest speaker was  Dr. Philip Samuels, M.D., Visiting Professor.  His Presentation was entitled "Thrombophilias and the Obstetrician: Fact, Anecdote and Logical Management".   Resident Research Presentations given at the event were:

  • Dr. Kristan Hornsby, MD  "Inhaled Nitrous Oxide and Labor Analgesia"
  • Dr. Gary Wu, MD  "Effect of Laparoscopic Bilateral Salpingectomy in Premenopausal Women Undergoing Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy on Ovarian Reserve"
  • Dr. Madison Sternberg, MD  "Opioid Use by OBGYNs in WV and Tailored Dosing of Opioids Following Cesarean Section"
  • Dr. Michaela Lamonde, DO, Dr. Caitlin Kowcheck, MD, Dr. Melissa Carr, MD   "Retrospective Chart Review of Patients with Gestational Diabetes-Which Received Appropriate Post-partum Follow Ups"