Salary and Benefits

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Books and Travel

  • PGY-I $500.00 (books)
  • PGY-II $1500.00 (conference only)
  • PGY-III $1500.00 (conferences only)
  • PGY-IV $2000.00 (conferences only)


  • ACOG Dues
  • ACOG Survey Subscription
  • Laundry Service through Ruby Memorial
  • Meal Card Allowance
  • Free Parking
  • Medical & Disability Insurance


  • Each resident is given 3 weeks of vacation time per year. Vacations must be taken in one week intervals. Vacation time cannot be carried over to the next residency year.
  • During the winter holiday season, residents are divided into two groups and each group has a six (6) day period off, either during the week of Christmas or the week of New Years.


  • Second year residents are expected to attend the ACOG Annual Clinical and Scientific Meeting. All third and fourth year residents are permitted to attend one conference each year from an approved list.
  • Third and fourth year residents are granted Administrative Leave to attend their yearly conference and to attend fellowship interviews.

Sick Leave

  • Residents receive 135 hours of sick time annually (11.25 hours monthly).