Title: Phase Change Amino Acids
Sponsor: URS Corp.
PI: Bingyun Li

Title: West Virginia Center for Electrochemical Energy Storage
Sponsor: WV-HEPC – Division of Science and Research
PI: Bingyun Li

Title: Exogenous IL-12 Stimulates Antimicrobial Capacity of Macrophages
Sponsor: AO Foundation
PI: Bingyun Li

Title: Mentor for the PUI Incubator Award to Charlie Chen, Alderson-Broaddus College
Sponsor: WV HEPC
PI: Bingyun Li

Title: Interosseous Transcutaneous Device for Amputees: A Large Animal Model
Sponsor: Biomet
PI: Brock Lindsey

Title: Decellularized Stem Cell Matrix Rejuvenates Human Cells from Herniated Discs
Sponsor: AO Foundation
PI: Ming Pei

Title: Decellularized Stem Cell Matrix-Based Cartilage Engineering and Regeneration
Sponsor: NIH/NIAMS
PI: Ming Pei

Title: Randomized, Controlled, Single Center, Prospective Study Comparing Plantar Fasciitis Injection of Lyophylized Amniotic Membrane to Steroid Injection
Sponsor: Amniox Medical
PI: Robert Santrock

Title: Establishing GPSM3 as a Novel Biomarker and/or Drug Discovery Target for Inflammatory Arthritides
Sponsor: CTSI
Co-I: Colleen Watkins

Title: Translation of an Evidence-Based Fall-Prevention Program into Rural West Virginia Churches
Sponsor: CDC National Center for Injury Prevention and Control
Co-I: Dina Jones